Subject: Re: Friggin Pink Nightmare
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Erik M. Theisen <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/09/1995 00:14:31
> 		integrated AIC6360 SCSI (Yes, it HAS a bios)
> 			IRQ 10
[ ... ]
> Apparently the AIC6360 Code, FFS, and/or the Kernel's SCSI interface
> is SEVERELY broken.

>No doubt the aic6360 code.  I wrote it... well, most of it anyway.
>Charles has done a great job on improving it, but there may still be
>some bugs left in there.  Could you please give me some more details
>as to what happens?  (I know of at least a couple of weaknesses in
>the current code, but I haven't had any time to look into it.)

Well, lets see, I've been busy with my daily grind of a job, so
my memory of what exactly happened is in question.  But here goes..

I first suspected problems while attempting to mount a CD-ROM in my
NEC 3xi drive.  Message was something like 'CD9660: Invalid option'.
This problem went away after a reboot but would appear again if
system was up for 10-20 minutes.  Also, it would reappear if I
unmounted the CD and then attempted mounting another.

Later I started noticing 'sup' saying weird things like unable to
remove/set permissions on file.  I was 'root/god'.  After examining
the directories in question I noted very strange file permissions
things like '-rXS--srwS' as well as very large file sizes.  I
couldn't remove the files in question even as root.  I rebooted
and the shutdown code squawked continuously about dirty filesytem(s).
Rebooted with 'hard reset', and was forced into running fsck
manually.  This is were it got real UGLY.  Hundreds of errors on my
usr/src filesystem.  Partially allocated inodes, corrupt
directories, bad file type/permissions, missing blocks, etc.
After getting back on line I noticed the trash files still
hanging around, attempted deleting them to no avail.  I was forced
to unmount, run clri followed by fsck, and then rebooted.  This
senerio was repeated many times, too numerious to count.  I even
resorted to reformating the drives in question.  Additionally, the
problem wasn't just related to sup, the final blow was done to all
of 'ozzy's' filesystems while attempting to compile a kernel.  Lost
the usr/libexec and usr/lib directories and that was all she wrote.

P.S. I just noticed that I forgot to spec a DRQ for aic0, could this
have caused the above metioned problems?  Just how critical are DRQs
on an ISA bus machine?