Subject: Re: gated, routed, etc... help!
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/08/1995 17:22:49
> >I think you do need routed.  You want the outside world to be informed
> >that your class C network is reachable through your serial port!  Granted,
> >you could have your ISP hardwire this in their tables, but it's just one
> >more thing for them to fat-finger at 3AM when their router crashes and they
> >have to retype the configuration.
> Do most ISP's run routed?  I was under the impression that they didn't, but
> what do I know :-)  It seems like a security hole if they did, since it would
> be easy for customers to insert bogus routes to god knows where.
	Since I work for an ISP I can probably comment:

	In a word: routed is evil! If you are running via a UNIX platform
	gated would be a better solution.

	We use a combination of static routes, EIGRP and of course BGP
	to speak to the BIG boys. No Unix(tm) involved in the actual
	routing tho, it's all Cisco's. Most internal stuff is either
	static routes, or when things can be aggregated, EIGRP. Generally
	speaking, there are ALWAYS exceptions of course, running dynamic
	protocols gets you in to trouble REAL quick when things scale
	large. Static routes and VERY CAREFUL use of EIGRP are a good
	way to go.

	Computer systems simply set the default route to a router and
	never put one system on more than 1 subnet, easier said than
	done at a lot of large companys but doable at an ISP.

	Overall I'd say gated is the MUCH better choice if you can't get
	away with simple static routes.