Subject: Re: SUP is failing...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chuck Van Tilburg <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/1995 17:07:44
Somebody finally said something precise about sun-lamp; that it had lost a
disk and something was being done about it.  This situation illustrates a 
problem with NetBSD; namely, communication is spotty at best and not
very timely!  My remaining questions about this situation are:

	a) WHO is in charge of SUN-LAMP?

	b) WHY wasn't the failure, expected timetable for recovery, and
		alternatives for SUP announced?

	c) HOW can sun-lamp CVS commit messages be coming through when
		SUN-LAMP is sick and unavailable?  Is there more than one
		CVS machine and synchronization goes on between them (I 
		think this IS a major capability of CVS and would explain 
		the one-two day lag between commit messages and SUP actually 
		transferring the modified files)?  If so, why is only 
		SUN-LAMP 'the' SUP service connection point for us of the 
		'users' class?  Wouldn't it make sense to partition the load 
		amongst the 'authoritative' CVS host machine group?

Any answers to (or action prompted by) these questions would be greatly 
appreciate and probably be very positive for the project's perception
from the users.

My apologies if such an announcement was made (b), but I didn't get it
on the current-users list.  I didn't subscribe to announce until


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