Subject: Re: Yet another BSD, is it necessary?
To: Charles Hannum <>
From: Neil J. McRae <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/1995 20:42:07
> First of all, you are (probably unintentionally) slighting all of the
> people who have contributed to the SPARC port recently.  While the
> SPARC port may not be advancing at the pace you would like, note that
> I personally posted a fairly large roster of recent changes a month or
> so ago, extracted from the CHANGES file.  The SPARC port is most
> certainly *not* dead.

Of course that is not my intention, I also know what changes have been
made. But I'll tell you something my sparc is certainly dead after I untar
a >2M file, or if I try to dump to DAT. One of the biggest problems is this
driver, you're probably sick of me whining about it, but not as sick as I
am of having too. It is a fundemental problem. I did indeed see your email
on port-sparc.

>    NetBSD is supposed to be about 
>    giving Unix to the people, Theo has many fixes, and indeed even complete new
>    ports that he has been working on that would benefit the project beyond
>    belief. 
> As has been said many times, nobody has stopped Theo from making
> contributions.  Many large contributions, and even entire ports, have
> been created and integrated without the author having access to the
> CVS tree.  Even the SPARC itself port has a similar history; it was
> derived from Chris Torek's code, and I don't recall him having CVS
> access.

OK Charles all the work you intend to do for the next week submit as diffs.
Will you?, will you hell :-)

> It seems to me that you're continuing to make a serious error:
> assuming that we *can* `sort it out', and that our initiative alone is
> enough to do that.  I know that we've tried, and I know that we've
> been unsuccessful in the past.  I don't see any way to `sort it out'
> without some honest effort from Theo, and I haven't seen any.

In that case fine, I've sent *several* emails to core and not recieved any
real response. I happen to have the pleasure of meeting JT and Jason Thorpe
recently and I know how busy you guys are.

I know the story I have heard it from various people.

> As I've said many times, what hurts the project the most is that
> people are spending their time flaming about this rather than coding.
> I, for one, should be preparing for the release.
And it looks like Theo will be starting to prepare for his release. I've
stated all I wanted to state, I'm not going to waste anymore time on it.
I pray things go better than I think they are going to do

Thanks for the reply Charles, I must say again though that I do appreciate
the work done by all contributors, to the project and I never mean to disregard
the fact that NetBSD is a multi person project, maybe a few other people
should think about that. I hope to start contributing more myself.


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