Subject: Re: Yet another BSD, is it necessary?
To: Guenther Grau <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/06/1995 16:41:49
>Well said! I think there are some other people out there developing stuff 
>for NetBSD and complaining about their changes not being integrated for
>a long time.

While I agree that this was perhaps the way things used to _appear_ to be,
I believe this is changing (please note that I stress the word "appear" -
I understand that core is seriously overworked).

>I think we have to find a new (more open) way to grant more people
>access to the force aehh src :-). I don't want everybody to have write
>access to the NetBSD source tree but I think that a few more people
>sould be granted access. This will speed up integration of fixes to PRs
>into the tree as well as remove some of the workload of this integration work
>from the core development team.

I've noticed that I've seen newer userid's on the CVS commit lists, and that
PR's are getting taken care of in a more timely fashion than before.  For
example, der Mouse's 8-bit clean sparc console patches are now integrated.
>From my viewpoint, it looks like NetBSD is becoming more open, and that's
really great.  I'm excitied about the upcoming 1.1 release as I was about
the 0.8 release (boy, _that_ takes me back :-) ).