Subject: Re: Yet another BSD, is it necessary?
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1995 22:43:01
> Maybe the forum Niklas is talking about could be a seperate mailing list,
> as I am sure a lot of the people who are on this list for mostly technical
> reasons are not interested in it. Also, it gives a bad impression to
> newcomers, who may think NetBSD is mostly about politics.
	Since I'm a known rabble rouser I'll state what should be obvious:

	ALL free OS's are about Politic's!!!! If anybody can state the
	opposite with a straight face they deserve the poker face of
	the year of the award or an innocense of the year award.

	My X is better than your Y is the battle cry of all free OS's and
	shows the inherent politics of it all. Whenever you have more than
	one person involved with any public thing it automatically involves
	politics, personalitys and power plays/struggles.

	To which I say, SO WHAT! Let it fragment! Eventually things will
	sort themselves out. Only the various ego's in the various *BSD
	and Linux camps have anything to REALLY lose. As long as the
	code isn't hoarded by copyleft or any other restriction in
	use/distribution it's there for the use of all.

	I think the main problem is that too many people in *BSD and
	Linux take things WAY too seriously and WAAAAAAAY to personally.
	I.e. this is MY sandbox so GET OUT! Or, I'm going to make MY OWN
	sandbox so poo on you! Who cares about juvinile behaviour as long
	as the code doesn't get stupid restrictions placed on it?! So far
	ALL the *BSD camps have a better track record than Linux, with
	it's GNU virus copyleft, and as long as the code remains TRULY
	free there can be 100 *BSD camps for all I care.

	Now, back to more important things, like getting drivers to work
	and distributions to compile!