Subject: Re: Problems with PGP.
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1995 16:07:46
> 	Firstly, the 'netbsd' configuration option for PGP should
> really say 'netbsd-386' since it promptly tries to compile the 386
> assembly code for some portion of the inner workings of PGP.  It is
> entirely possible that a pentium and a pentium optimizing compiler
> might do better, so it really should be labeled.

This has already been done (changed to i386-netbsd).  In fact,the
person who originally sent in the netbsd makefile entry was the one
who sent in the correction.

> 	Secondly, when I did use the sun4gcc configuration, I got a
> PGP that will not decrypt what it encrypts.  I generated my own key,
> encrypted a file for that key, and then got the following:

The sun4gcc rule is designed for SunOS, not netbsd-sparc.  I would
recommend you start with the i386-netbsd rule and work to get PGP to
build from there.  In particular, you need to remove the 386-specific
code and change the byteorder.  Something like this would probably be
a good start.  If you get this working, please send the working
makefile entry to


	$(MAKE) all CC=gcc LD=gcc OBJS_EXT="_sparc.o" \