Subject: Re: Yet another BSD, is it necessary?
To: None <>
From: Volker A. Brandt <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/05/1995 16:36:16
Dear Niklas, dear NetBSD users!

In article <> you write:
>It has come to my attention that Theo Deraadt is about to start yet
>another BSD.  Of course he is free to do that for whatever reason.

Oh no, not again!  I am still sad about the {Net,Free}BSD split.

>As I believe this is a bad thing for the NetBSD project as a whole I'd
>like that this splinter-project did not happen.  Therefore I'd like
>core to go to extreme lengths to not make this happen.  I'd put this
>work on a higher priority than 1.1, when it's ready, it's ready.  I
>also ask Theo to reconsider his last positions in this dispute for
>our, the users, sake.

I strongly second this!

>Third, I'd like the community to get more power when dealing with PR
>issues and the making of requirements of people with certain positions
>in the NetBSD project.  Central authority can be really bad sometimes.
>Ideally, this power would come from a humble listening attitude of the
>people making up the NetBSD project, not by formal voting.

This is a noble sentiment.  Judging from past experience, I am somewhat
sceptical to this, though, because there will always be people who don't feel
bound by such an honor system.

>wasted.  I'm afraid my effort is futile, as there seem to be quite
>some pride involved in this dispute, but I had to try, at least, as
>I'm still a believer of democracy and humility.

I find it laudable that you did try. At least you have alerted the community
early that we are to face yet another argument against NetBSD being shoved into
our faces by gloating Linux bigots.

>Well If I hear nothing, I will accept the fact that people want Theo
>to start a new project.  But do you?

I don't.  I am thankful to Theo for all the code that he contributed to NetBSD.
It is a better OS than it would be without his work.  But I hope he will not
stoop to petty infightig when he realizes that much more will be lost than 

Thanks for listening -- Volker
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