Subject: Re: sun-lamp CVS commits
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Head Anarchy Conquest Knight Esquire of the Realm <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1995 16:26:13
#define AUTHOR " ("Gordon W. Ross")"

[Jason Thorpe said...]
 * > I must say, out of all of the above installation options, FTP is by far 
 * > my favorite ... For people who have access to a network, all you need is 
 * > to d/l the miniroot media, and connect to ftp.NetBSD.ORG or a mirror for 
 * > the actual distribution :-)  (Ok, well I haven't tested _that_ part yet, 
 * > but it's sure nifty on my little network at home! :-)
 * Yeah, that's cool.  I wondered if there might be a way to use FTP
 * but not have to store the tar images locally.  Would this work?
 * 	# mkfifo /dev/pipe
 * 	# tar xfp /dev/pipe &
 * 	# ftp ...
 * 	ftp> get some_tar_image /dev/pipe
 * I haven't tried it with FTP yet...

Yes, there is a way to ftp without storing the tar images locally:

# ftp ...
ftp> cd right_place
ftp> lcd local_right_place
ftp> get this-file "|tar xvfp -"
[repeat as necessary[
ftp> quit
# reboot

 * Gordon

#undef AUTHOR	/* " ("Gordon W. Ross")" */

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