Subject: Re: How to set outbound address?
To: Irving Reid <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/04/1995 09:09:13

On Oct 3,  4:17pm, Irving Reid wrote:
> I think the PPP in NetBSD is smart enough to allow you to use the same 
> IP address for your PPP and internal (Ethernet or whatever) interfaces. 
>  The routing tables can tell which interface to use by the destination 
> address.

NetBSD uses proxy arp for this. One gotcha that you may see is that if the
link is down but the proxy entry is there NetBSD will install an
"Unreachable" route so that next time a packet comes it will send the
unreachable immediately. You need to delete this and all other routes
relating to the ppp interface after ppp is brought up.

Also if you add a static route via the ppp if while the link is up it will
be shown as going via pppx. If you now take down the ppp if and bring it back
up again the static route will still be shown as going via ppp0 but it will
have become inherited (not sure about the use of this word) by ed0 and
subsequent packets will go that way. This is despite the fact that a
netstat -rn shows the interface as being ppp0. I'm not sure whether this is
worth doing a PR about. At the least netstat -rn is giving bad information.


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