Subject: Re: syslog(3) security problem
To: None <>
From: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/1995 17:21:24
>> Would someone in core please commit the fixes for this to the tree?

>Oh get a grip.  It's been like 24 hours... *Some* people actually
>have to work for a living...

Can you think of something in this business that's more important than
random outside people not being able to maraud about your machine at will?
*Some* people might end up with a lot more work to do, for the same living,
if they sup and blow away the fixes they've installed and don't notice.

NetBSD is either a for-real operating system or it's not.  That the vendors of
other for-real operating systems such as SunOS are negligent isn't a reason
for NetBSD's user and developer community not to wish that we could do better.

>>NetBSD is starting to look like Sun in this respect.
>Except that people at Sun get paid...

Point taken.  I certainly didn't mean to suggest that the core team doesn't
do a lot of great work, all the time, for no cash.  Or to sound overly bitchy
or strident, for that matter.  And I know that some core team members are
unusually busy/sick/otherwise occupied.  I just think that this is really,
really important, and I'm worried about it.  Sorry if I offended anyone.