Subject: Re: Termcap & {n,}curses
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/1995 16:41:18
   der Mouse writes:
   > It's also got some ugly aspects, like the single-character
   > subdirectories into which the directory of entries is split up.  Or
   > that it has to be a directory, rather than a file....
   I thought that was rather odd myself, but there are some benefits with
   ncurses. One big plus is color!  A big advantage of spliting it in several
   files is that you don't have to parse one huge termcap file just to get
   window parameters for a particular terminal. It's not like all the files
   are all under one directory. There is a hierarchy (based on first character of
   the terminal name).  It's a trade off...

um.. that's what termcap.db is for.
   > Or perhaps it's just that I've never been able to find sufficient
   > documentation.  Of course, that can be looked upon as a pretty
   > crippling deficiency :-)
   Hmm, that's strange. One of the guys at work just downloaded ncurses and
   built it on SunOS. The first thing he commented on was ncurses having
   good documentation. The bugs in the curses appl that he is working on
   disappeared when he relinked it with ncurses. He also noted that ncurses
   does a lot of things correctly where BSD curses or terminfo may not be.
   I didn't ask what they were though.

i think mouse was talking about terminfo.

i can easily handle ncurses, but, terminfo is a waste.