Subject: Re: Termcap & {n,}curses
To: David Brownlee <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/29/1995 14:09:16
> 	Are there any plans to move NetBSD to ncurses?

Yes.  In fact all the current curses and termcap PR's are in
"suspended" state because of this.

> 	If it will involve any work, is anyone working on it, and if not
> 	should I have a go & submit any changes?

The latest ncurses release (1.9.4) is starting to look reasonable.  In
order to go ahead with it, we need to have a way to integrate it into
our tree yet still be able to track changes made to the master

I haven't started that work yet, because pre-1.9.4 versions had
serious problems which disqualified them from consideration, and a
recent distribtion moved/renamed all the files.