Subject: Re: ZIP drives
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/29/1995 12:47:26
Ty Sarna ( writes:

>How is faster, 35% more capaity, a standard form factor drive, and the
>ability to be set to IDs other than 5 or 6 feeble?

	It is unfortunate that it won't mount internally, but then again it
was designed for travel (and for laptops on the LPT model). I carry my
ZIP often back and forth betwixt work and home. And the lack of
configurable ID #'s is a downer, but certainly not something that
can't be dealt with.

	'Sides, the ZIP drive is just the little brother to the JAZ drive..
I'd day a one-gig removable cartridge with ~12ms and ~7M/s access is a 
definite bonus. Does SyQuest have an equivalent to the JAZ? I don't know,
but I don't think they do. :)

	It does bother me the amount of spewage I get in syslog everytime I
mount a cartridge .. not being near my net-less machine I can't recall exactly,
but the messages are something like "Cannot mode sense, returned
nonsense" and "Using ficticious geometry".

	For purely cosmetic reasons, could the SCSI drivers be taught
to be more friendly with the ZIP?