Subject: Re: ufs filesystem tool: any interest?
To: None <>
From: Jarle Fredrik Greipsland <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/28/1995 11:02:27
In article <>, "John F. Woods" <> writes:
> I guess there are defragmenters that run in "real time", or at least
> semi-concurrent with system activity.  I don't know of any for UNIX
> (in fact, I don't actually know of any defragmenters at all for UNIX
> :-),

If you're willing to count IRIX 5.3 as UNIX, it has a `file system
reorganizer' called fsr.  Default behaviour is to run it once a week
from the crontab, I think.  It does multiple passes over a filesystem,
and a small excerpt from the manual page says:

	A pass consists of three sub-passes, the first of which
	organizes the file system metadata (directories and indirect
	extents) to improve fsck performance, the second of which
	compacts files to improve performance, and the last of which
	de-fragments file system free space. 

I don't know what difference it makes though.

"On a clear disk you can seek forever."
				-- Peter O'Toole (Trinity College, Dublin)