Subject: Re: another kdump problem
To: Kenneth Stailey <>
From: Ronald Khoo <ronald@cpm.COM.MY>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/1995 10:31:19
> Either "kdump" source should #define all of the options before
> including sys/kern/syscalls.c or sys/kern/syscalls.c #ifdefs should
> be changed to pick up on something defined by kdump source.

kdump should be able to decode everything, regardless of whether the
system its running on supports them, as long as the version of the OS
is compatible, no ?  (so that I might have a chance of dumping someone
else's ktrace.out, perhaps?)

If you go along with that, then you'd probably make kdump define
everything by itself, regardless of whether config put it into your
kernel's Makefile or not.

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