Subject: Re: opengl, motif?
To: None <>
From: Kerry James Paulson <umpaul11@cc.UManitoba.CA>
List: current-users
Date: 08/25/1995 20:39:08 writes:
> i was just wondering if anyone knows where i may get a copy of
> motif 2.0..  im almost sure ive seen it referenced from somewhere,
> but i cant seem to find it.  i was also curious if someone sells
> opengl for netbsd.
> any pointers would be greatly appreciated. :)
> thanks,
> chris csanady

 I don't know if there is a NetBSD distribution of Motif, but people have
used distributions from compatible platforms (ie: sun3-> NetBSD 68k) to
link Motif apps.  It should be easier to find Motif for i386 since I believe
there is at least a Linux distrib and possibly even a Free/NetBSD.

  If you're cheap like me, you might want to look into LessTif @, be advised that it's still very Alpha
but progressing quickly.  LessTif is 1.2 compatible, but they plan to add
2.0 features in the future.  Unfortunately LessTif is under the GPL so
it's not likely to be included in NetBSD as a standard, it does however
compile with few or no changes so this is not much of a concern.  Don't
expect LessTif to actually work :) It compiles and links many apps but
still has some missing features, if you are feeling adventurous it is
worth checking out, the project is very promising.