Subject: ttys
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/25/1995 03:04:24
in a mail to Monroe he said he ran ppp on 38400 with rtscts.

this happend:
I step down from 57k6 to 38k4 to 19k2 on the machine with a single ppp
driver, 28k8 modem attached. tty responds as expected. But still
Netscape:"socket not connected"error.

I step down from 57k6 to 38k4 to 19k2 on the machine with 2 ppp drivers,
Allen was so kind to give me, 14k4 modems attached. On 19k2 ttys says it
configs it to 14k4. And when trying to log in it won't show the login
prompt. Even after an stty -f /dev/ttyxx 14400 correction.

On both i have to manualy do stty -f /dev/ttyxx crtscts to get that
displayed with stty -f /dev/ttyxx while it's in /etc/ttys.

Maybe he's forgetting that i want to create a ppp-server setup i.s.o. client.

The weirdest things, that is for my untrained i, happen.

What's going on?  This appears to be a bug, but I don't know if I'm
just configuring it wrong somehow.  If it is a bug, are there any
workarounds?  Is this a known problem?  Shall I send-pr it?


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