Subject: Re: OSs coexisting with netbsd
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From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/22/1995 18:41:53
> Can NetBSD/i386 exist together with other operating systems? It seems
> like, when I install netbsd on a i386, disklabel does not write the
> correct geometrics to the partition table. Disklabel uses partition
> #4, and shows different logical/physical sizes. When I then try to
> install e.g. Linux, which uses partition table versus disk "slices",
> the fdisk program on Linux can not create a new partition due to
> illegal sizes in partition #4 created by disklabel. In a last attempt
> to solve this, i booted netbsd and edited the partition table with
> 'fdisk -i', and that just had to wreck the disk, since I edited the
> start/endpoints of the partition. Has anyone else seen this?

>From what I've learned, the order in which you install your OSs is important.
I've NetBSD running in the lab here together with Linux, WinNT and OS/2 Warp
running, and didn't have much problems, as the other three OSs were installed

I'm no PC guru (at all!) though. For further questions, try mailing


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