Subject: Re: weird error while adding interface aliases
To: None <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/19/1995 18:53:07
> I keep noticing the following strange error occuring while adding
> interface aliases (i.e. ifconfig xxN inet alias hostname)
>   ifconfig: SIOCAIFADDR: File Exists
> This error seems to have no effect at all and the alias gets added,
> but its weird and disturbing.
> This is on i386 current as of a few weeks ago, by the way.

"File Exists" is probably because the IFADDR call finds that there's already
an address or route there, and returns EEXIST.  perror() and friends translate as
"File Exists".  Same message results (for example) when ppp tries to add
a default route, but a default route already exists.  Perhaps the kernel
is trying to add a route from the interface to the network, and finds that
the route already exists?