Subject: More KerberosIV for non-US citizens
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/1995 01:00:50

I have wrestled with the three-headed dog and lost.  I could not
get the FreeBSD based code to work on NetBSD/Sparc, and in the
process I lost my way in the code.  Sorry 'bout that.

However, I was kindly given access to a KerberosIV tree which had
been hacked heavily into something more portable by some of the
friends of some friends of mine at NADA, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.  I
have merely reorganized the build tree and fixed a couple of nits
that I didn't like all that well...

There is no README or INSTALL files yet, and not all man pages are
present in the new tree.  I thought I would have time to fix that
today, but other more pressing things got in the way (ah, the joy of
paperwork ;-), and I am leaving for a week's vacation tomorrow
morning.  It is generally helpful to take a peek at the original
KerberosIV operation paper (and the other papers as well) from MIT
to get going.  Two hints on building on NetBSD: look in
include/site.h and don't run ./configure on NetBSD (it has already
been done and include/port-fix fixes endian-ness definitions
introduced by ./configure so that the resulting include/config.h can
be used on different-endian NetBSD platforms).

The new code is available as

There is no point in distributing diffs relative to the old
verision, as the tree has been totally reorganized.

This time I have assembled together changes to rlogin / rlogind
in NetBSD-current which make these programs able to use
KerberosIV authentication, and I have also replaced the
distributed des_rw.c file with the version from the FreeBSD
eBones package and fixed a small bug in rlogin (don't set
encryption key before the KerberosIV session keys have been
agreed on...), so encryption of the rlogin session now also
works.  The changes are available in

The MD5 checksums of these files are all included in the
PGP-signed file named

My public PGP key is on a key server near you.

There is a slightly updated kerberosIV.README file explaining the
contents of these new files in the same directory as well
(essentially no more than what is said here).

Sometime in the not too distant future I'll integrate the missing
man pages and hopefully also be able to verify portability to some
other platforms (and hopefully fix any problems encountered in that
arena).  This distribution is thus *not* in it's final form yet.
Despite that I decided to announce this now to allow you to be able
to experiment with and comment on the distribution.

Have fun!

- H=E5vard