Subject: somebody mentioned SMP...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chuck Van Tilburg <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/1995 10:46:55
...and at least VTECH makes dual processor PC systems (perhaps others, 
but this is the only one I am familiar with; only useful under NT they
Is there any industry standard and interest in, or plans for SMP 
(really) with NetBSD on Intel (or other platforms)?  At least with the 
Intel PC platform it makes little sense to proceed without some kind of
standard.  Probably a per-platform standard is the way it is, but can
we get the specs?

I am interested in this issue from the standpoint of what is necessary 
to support it (mostly PC) (just the kernel I would imagine but the 
industry's assinine propensity for NDA and proprietary stuff is making 
me sick -- even with SCSI devices that need workarounds because the jerks 
that manufacture them don't adhere to the published standard).  

I really don't understand how proprietary stuff or NDA is *EVER* 
jusifiable in terms of specifications; they dicatate how and with what 
OS (...) you will use the product you bought and OWN?!  This is insane!
There ought to be a law requiring all this hardware and software
interface stuff to be PD; I mean it doesn't do one any good unless you 
have their prduct in the case of wacko-out-of-spec-hardware you have to
hack in workarounds for and only facilitates greater use and accptance 
of a new standard in the case of innovation.  Do these people have
severe brain damage or what?

My apologies for the pseudo-rant, but I just had a run in with a vendor
who wants me to sign an NDA just to get the tech manual to work around
their out-of-spec-interfaced device!  Technical support and technical
information my ass!