Subject: Re: panic: multiple frees
To: Niklas Hallqvist <>
From: Randy Terbush <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/08/1995 21:45:43
> Well, we were a group discussing it on IRC and came to the conclusion
> that the new ep driver must be writing out of bounds somewhere which
> manifests itself like a free problem later.  The backtrace doesn't
> necessarily point to the function that is the culprit.  I browsed
> through epget and it looked as the lengths given to insw et. al were
> correct, but the again, I just skimmed through the code.  For these
> types of things it would be nice to have some sort of kernel-purify,
> any takers????
> I think Berndt Ernesti filed a PR yesterday on it... He'll be trying
> some older if_ep versions to see exactly where the error got
> introduced.

This is NOT an ep specific problem. I have never compiled an ep driver
into my kernel and am having crashes about every 12 hours.

I suspect that Robert Dobbs is on the right track with regard to the
interupt handling changes.  This problem begin around July 3rd.