Subject: Re: Ports of Berkeley make / pmake?
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/07/1995 10:03:40
Havard Eidnes writes:
> sorry if this is somewhat off-topic, but I am trying to
> investigate whether it is worth converting a piece of software I
> have access to to using Berkeley-style makefiles as found in
> NetBSD.  It would be highly desireable to make it possible to
> move this software around to other OSes and platforms without
> mucking too much with the makefiles, and I am therefore looking
> for ports of Berkeley make or (it's ancestor?) pmake to other
> platforms such as HPPA/HP-UX, MIPS/Ultrix, MIPS/IRIX{4,5}, maybe
> even Alpha/OSF and possibly others.  SunOS4/Sparc is a "no-
> brainer" but I suspect problems on HP-UX, IRIX and probably OSF
> because apparently Berkeley make needs to look "inside" library
> files, and doing so is somewhat OS-specific.

We've locally modified bmake (from netbsd-current-9409xx or so)
so that we can use it on ULTRIX & Solaris 2. I think I've integrated
most of the patches made to the -current tree since then. We use it
to maintain our large source tree. The major differences for "our"
version are the setup of the two variables, MACHINE && MACHINE_ARCH.

------			-----------	------------
DEC & ULTRIX 4.x	ultrix.mips	mips
Sun 4 & Solaris 2.x	sunos.sun4	sun4
i386 NetBSD		netbsd.i386	i386
DEC NetBSD		netbsd.pmax	pmax

(*) An in-house command - /usr/local/bin/arch - returns these values,
so we decided to use them in make.

Then we have "make obj" make stuff like obj.sunos.sun4, etc.
Modifying ported stuff to use bmakefiles (in our CVS tree) is useful
too (tcsh was the "longest" converted makefile we have.)

> Therefore: pointers to ports of Berkeley make or pmake to other
> OSes and/or platforms than NetBSD/FreeBSD/linux and SunOS4/sparc
> would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure I could "tar" up our version for you (and put up for anon-ftp
somewhere), or even ensure that the latest -current mods are in and
just send you a patch file.

Luke Mewburn <>

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