Subject: Re: upgrade gcc to 2.7?
To: Kenneth Stailey <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1995 15:56:54
> > What's the thoughts on this?  Would there be any problems with updating
> > the gcc to 2.7?
> mycroft, et. al. hate the GPL.  As a result we suffer from GNU C
> integration problems.  They would rather patch 2.4.5 again than
> cooperate with the FSF.

Whoa!  Don't be so quick to generalize.  We don't all hate the GPL, at
least not to the same degree.  If we did, GCC 2.7.0 wouldn't have
compiled out-of-the-box for all NetBSD architectures (except the
alpha).  The reason for updating the master sources was not just to
make it possible for NetBSD users to upgrade their own compilers, but
to make it easier for us to integrate when the time is right.

> We missed out on 2.6.3 and libg++ 2.6.2. 

We also missed out on all the bugs that gcc 2.6.X had for some
architectures too.  The 2.6.X releases were not acceptable candidates
for integrating into the NetBSD tree.  2.7.0 isn't either.  I've found
some rather interesting bugs with bitfields on the m68k.

I realize that 2.7.X has made important advances in the C++ front end,
but it will have to wait until the code generators are solid.  After
than, we'll still have to convert it to use bmake files.  And as far
as I know, no one has volunteered to do it.


And if anyone wants to work with me getting gas, gld, gdb, and the
rest of the GNU binutils working on all the NetBSD architectures, 
write me at work at jtc@cygnus