Subject: Re: mail setup
To: None <>
From: Mark Steven Tamola <masarap@melissa>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1995 16:31:46
On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Tim Barthel wrote:

> Now that pppd seems to be working for me I want to do mail. I talked to a
> friend of mine that runs Linux. He said he just runs a pop client from ip-up
> to retrieve his mail from his service provider. I guess the client puts the
> mail in /usr/spool/mail on his home machine. I don't have a static ip address.
> Is this the best way to do mail? If so, can someone suggest an appropriate
> client? Any configuration information is appreciated. Thanks.
> Tim B.

if your internet provider has it, i would largely suggest using an imap 
server as compared to a pop server.  the advantages, especially over a 
dial up line, are incredible.  one of them being if you like mime, but 
sometimes don't want to deal with all the funky graphics and stuff, you 
can choose to leave that part out of it if you use imap, with pop, you 
have to download the whole shebang, which can be terribly slow.  there 
are a number of other advantges as well.

my setup uses pine, and that's about all you need if you have an imap 
server.  just let your host do all the mail routing, and you won't even 
have to mess with sendmail.  my provider does dynamic ip addressing as 
well, but i have been very satisfied with my pine setup.

with pop, you'll have to use a pop client, and since my memory fails me, 
i can't tell you which ones are...maybe elm?

ingat ka,