Subject: Re: CVS & import scripts
To: VaX#n8 <>
From: Rolf Grossmann <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/1995 02:40:38

on Sat, 29 Jul 1995 14:52:23 -0500 (CDT) VaX#n8 wrote 
concerning "Re: CVS & import scripts" something like this:

> So I suppose my questions are:
> 1) should the CVS directories really be sent to all sup'ers?

No, they should not. As I'm not using sup I have no idea whether it can be
avoided, though.

> 1a) are the CVS files present in the tarballs?

Apparently they are.

> 2) if they shouldn't, and assuming they are being sent anyway, should I get
>    rid of them before cvs-importing?

You don't really need to, because ...

> 2a) what is the proper way of getting rid of them, an ignore line, or some
>     crazy "find"-"rm" combination?

... another ignore line will do. replace '-I !' with '-I ! -I CVS'. That
works for me.

> Okay, now, say we just sup'ed, cvs-imported.  Can we get rid of the files in
> the sup area, or does sup need them to stay?  

AFAIK sup does not need the files, because it's using its own database, but
you do, so you can tell which files have not been deleted. 

> If sup needs them to stay, this
> leaves us with three times the source code; one in the sup destination area,
> one in the working area, and one (possibly very large) copy in the repository.
> That's a lot.

True. I take that as the price you have to pay.

> Is this really optimal?  Is this how everyone is doing it?  Or -is- anyone else
> really even using CVS on their supped-stuff.  I'm frustrated.

I'm using CVS on the files on our local mirror, so I don't have to keep
a copy in the sup area, like you do. But I really enjoy having CVS, especially
when creating diffs agains the distributed sources.

Bye, Rolf