Subject: Re: /etc/default
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/01/1995 11:55:55
>>The rc2 and rc3 scripts doing the ls K* and S* trik are hopelesly brain dead
>>on most "standard" systems. When switching from level2 to 3 and back all of
>>rc2.d is ran again without check of their need.
>While this is braindead, if we are to go with rc?.d, I feel we should at
>least stick to the interface of it as far as, say, the Solaris "standard"
>goes, i.e.,
> - before going to run level 2, all rc2.d/K* get called with "stop", then all
>   of rc2.d/S* get called with "start";
> - when shutting down or rebooting, all rc0.d/K* get called with "stop".

On the other hand, if we really wanted to improve things, we might do
something along the lines of adding a third optional argument to the
rc?.d/* scripts:  'check' or something similar.  That way, if I'm the
NFS script, and I know I need portmap (or networking, or whatever) to
be running for me, I can call the network script with the check
argument.  If it returns true, I go ahead; if it returns false, I call
it with the 'start' argument.  A similar setup could make shutdown

But I don't think I'm too keen on rc?.d/* scripts anyway...

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