Subject: Re: Adaptec 27XX/28XX/29XX Driver for NetBSD
To: None <, current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Gerald C. Simmons <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/30/1995 08:42:15
In reference to your question regarding the isa driver for the 284X/274X
board requiring references to the -current PCI stuff:

:What is the *right* solution -to- this problem ?  ;^)

I'd really have to take a look at the modifications you made to the driver.
I've been staring at Stephan's work as far as the PCI portion. I wish I had a
PCI system. Looked pretty easy to let the -current config code do a lot of the
work up front (which I assume is just reading params out of the PCI BIOS.) I
also like the way he partitioned the code into ISA/PCI interface sections, and
a common "Chip" section (-cringe- I couldn't think of a better term.) This
let's me assume that since he's got the PCI code working, if I can get it
ISA interfaced to the system, it should go with minor trouble (in theory.) 

I am, however, attempting to write an ISA front-end to this driver on a
NetBSD-1.0 system, 'cause I think there are other's like me out there that
absolutely need a ~99% stable platform (I'm sure that % is optimistic.) I'm
trying to pattern it after the aha1542.c and bt742a.c drivers. BTW, they
look a lot a like.

At this point I know almost nothing about "the new" -current config stuff. I
think I posted in the note you referenced, a question regarding the differences
between NetBSD-1.0 config and -current config. I would really like to look at
the modifications you made to get the driver to run under -current. It would
help educate me in "-current config" as well I might be able to make a
suggestion regarding breaking the PCI dependency. Ciao for now!

Gerry Simmons