Subject: Re: /etc/inittab (was: /etc/default)
To: None <,>
From: Captech) < (James Graham>
List: current-users
Date: 07/28/1995 10:51:51
I said:

#: When I hit ^D, I want to *walk away* and not have to look back.

Greg Woods said:

#: Well, now you know you've got to wait a moment and be a bit more patient.

That's not acceptable to me.  I expect a certain behaviour from a system
-- *especially* a BSD system!  Never mind that I can write the appropriate
traps into the /.profile; my point is that I shouldn't have to do that.

If I want SysV, I'll go get it from my local distributor and reduce my
(soon-to-be-purchased) x86 box to the second-lowest common denominator.

I may have said this already, so I'll apologise if I repeat myself:

SysV did exactly four things right:  touch, date, swap, and echo.
Touch and date have since been adapted, and printf replaces most of the
functionality of echo (though I believe echo is still a csh/sh builtin 
as opposed to a called program).  Most notably, it was nice to be able
to put octal/hex/C escapes into an echo statement and have it work.
Swap never made it.  I would *love* to see swap replace swapon since
you could then de-allocate swap space, wait for it to drain and change
the swap partition into a filesystem (I have occasionally had the need
to do this, however demented it may sound!).


P.S.  If you need to reply to this, change the subject to something
meaningful as I think this message, though it started on track, has
branched to something far afield from what the Subject: line indicates.