Subject: Ken, nameserver + SLIP
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Mark F Willey <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1995 11:13:04
"In a previous message, Ken Nakata wrote:"
> > (Ken Nakata) writes:
> > When your SLIP connection is down, you remove the default route, and
> > attempts to reach your nameserver immediately fail with a "network
> > unreachable" error.
> No, it doesn't.  I've never looked into it really hard and I don't
> know why, but it doesn't.  It waits, waits, and waits until timed out.
> I configure my box as a "cache only" configuration, and it looks up
> itself first for the name service.  Maybe it shouldn't look up itself
> first if I hate to wait?  Hmm, I think I'm going to try that first...

What I have done, and I don't know if this will address your problem, is to
add the line "lookup file bind" or something like that to the resolv.conf,
and add all of my commonly-accessed hosts to /etc/hosts, so that I don't
need to wait for the NS to get back to me.