Subject: Re: System V /etc/rc.*
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rob Quinn <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1995 10:55:12
>When I first saw this, many years ago, I thought it was rather baroque.
>When I first *used* this, a few years ago, I started to see its charm,

 I also like it under Solaris2 and would like to see it everywhere.

>When I first administered a BSD system a couple of years ago, I came to
>be quite irritated by the /etc/rc arrangement:  in particular, it's
>quite annoying that every time I install the latest /usr/src/etc/rc.local
>to pick up some useful change, I have to re-edit it in order to put back
>all of the "local" changes I've made.

 What I did on my SunOS4 machines at the end of rc.local:
# rjq Sat Aug  1 08:52:48 CDT 1992
if [ -f /usr/local/etc/rc.`domainname` ]; then
if [ -f /usr/local/etc/rc.`hostname` ]; then

 Where /usr/local/ is an NFS partition shared among all of my machines. I don't
care about all of my machines being dependent on this NFS server since it's
also the /usr server.

>Granted, there are other solutions
>to this problem than /etc/rc.*, but it was far easier to customize the
>System V scheme without having to touch the original scripts.

 I agree.

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