Subject: Re: Compiler warning levels and sccsid/rcsid
To: None <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/1995 08:58:33
> >If you have established you have gcc, you might as well use #ident, so
> >you don't have to "fool" the compiler at all...
> Hmm.. one always learns new things. However it seems that #ident does
> nothing on rs6000-aix, hppa-hpux, alpha-osf and i386-linux. Does it
> work on all netbsd architectures?

No, but it could be made to work rather easily.  Plus #ident can shove
its argument into the .comment (or equivalent) segment of ELF and COFF
object files which leaves the .text and .data segments free of such
extraneous garbage.

> But anyway - the following:
> #define ID(s) \
> #ident s
> won't work. I don't know of a way to include a preprocessor thingy in
> a macro. Is it possible?

Not possible.  But the macro could expand to the bit of inline
assembly necessary for a .ident directive.

But note that rcs id's are traditionally the first thing after the
copyright notice and that using a macro to expand a RCS id would
require including a header file.  This was deemed unacceptable last
time this topic was discussed.