Subject: route in (July 13th) current
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/1995 02:07:18
I'm  running on a system compiled from (according to the date on last.allsrc)
July 13th sources.  I've been having some trouble in the last week with route.
route change -host -interface
will consistently panic my computer.  
As far as I can tell, any properly(?) formatted route change will
do the same.

% route -v add -host -interface
u:inet 129.186.140.###; RTM_ADD: Add Route: len 92, pid:0, seq 1, errno 0, flags:<UP,HOST,STATIC>
locks: inits:
sockaddrs: <DST>
writing to routing socket: Invalid argument
add host Invalid argument  

I have read the route man pages over and over, and have managed to become
very confused.  This problem began when I brought my i386 -current NetBSD
box home, and added it to a working network consisting of 2 linux boxes.
We run PPP to campus, and while I can always (so far) reach the gateway
box, I can only reach the other Linux box for the first hour or
so after I reboot, then its entry in netstat -nr will be:

Destination	Gateway		Flags	Refs	Use	Interface
129.186.140.###	129.186.140.### UGHD	0	6	ed0

(Destination and Gateway are the same.)
(this is after I pinged it, and received no response.)
The only way to actually get a route to somehost for the first hour 
is a gross hack in /etc/rc:

echo Configuring local loopback interface lo0...
ifconfig lo0 inet
echo Configuring routes...
route add $HOSTIP
[ -n "$MYGATE" ] && {
        echo Default gateway is $MYGATE...
        route add default $MYGATE
[ "$NETKLUDGE" = "yes" ] && {
        echo 'Kludging routing tables (be very afraid)...'
        ping -c 1 129.186.140.###
        route delete

I'm not sure what information about my system would be helpful, but
I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability.

The complete output of the pertinent section of netstat -nr is

root@solstice# netstat -nr
Routing tables

Destination      Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use  Interface
default    UGS         4     6920  ed0          UH          2      126  lo0
129.186.140.###  129.186.140.###    UGHD        0        6  ed0  0:20:af:15:aa:d    UHL         1        0  ed0          UGHS        1       28  lo0

Tracy J. Di Marco       
System Administrator                          294-2279
Geographic Information Systems              218 Durham
Support and Research Facility    Iowa State University