Subject: can the binary snapshot be made to current?
To: Mark Tamola <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/23/1995 19:20:27
>dear all,
>would it be possible for the binary snapshot to be brought up to 

*Which* binary snapshot?  NetBSD runs on several different
architectures.  I don't wish to be impolite, but the question doesn't
mean much without knowing *which* port, or ports, you want a current
snapshot for.

The pmax port, for example, is relatively up-to-date. I beleive the
Alpah port is newer than 1.0, because it antedates the 1.0 release.

If (looking at references to Linux) you mean you want the x86 binary
snapshot updated, why don't you ask

As for the other issues you mention, or if you want binary snapshots
for *all* NetBSD platforms built from the same source code, perhaps
that would be best addressed by another full NetBSD release.