Subject: Re: Mistery moved..
To: None <>
From: Gerard J van der Grinten <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1995 08:06:53
> > It is clear to me that the drive cannot handle the lba addressing
> > but found no way to disable it. The drive works flawless with
> > kernels before lba addressing was added.
> Does your BIOS CMOS have a way to toggle LBA addressing?  You must
> turn it off if you are running a unix according to Western Digital.
> They have a fax-back service that I found that gave me this
> documentation.  If you want I can look over the faxes when I get home
> to find this number for you.  Please send me a reminder at this
> address: if you want me to go
> looking.
> ~Ken
The QUAMTUM lps540 already had the chs - lba problem before the WD came.

The 486 bios does not have settings nor does know anything about LBA addressing.

When lba addressing was introduced into NetBSD-1.0A the drive went banana's
and after a lot of stuggles I gave up and got the WD and made that primary.
The lps540a went secondary but due to the fsck missing the "right spot"
my file systems are always corrupt even just after repairing.
(not to talk about the nice thing I get when i add swap onto it...).

It might be a jumper problem on the drive but I cant find it, tried all
infinite-1 possibilitys.
Regards, Gerard.

PS, I also don't have fax cappabilitys (yet).
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