Subject: Re: Stuff not working after update to current
To: Mark F Willey <>
From: None <aellwood@MIT.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 07/20/1995 14:26:29
>I get the same thing on my NCR card.  Why are we always having the same
>problems???  ;-)  I notice that when this happens, the drives are silent
>for a second and then start up again.  You aren't using QL730S's, are you?
>(Quantum Lightning 730mb SCSI-II)

Nah, I have a 1 gig HP SCSI-II drive and a 240 meg Quantum SCSI drive.
I haven't noticed what they do when I get the messages.

>As far as X slowness goes, you really need lots of RAM, I have decided.  If
>you don't have at least 16mb, get it.  I believe that once I get another 16
>(to 32), my life will be much more satisfying.  ;-)

I have 16 megs....but it used to be so much faster!  Under 1.0 I never
saw any slowness at all.  Under May 15 current it would start out fast,
but then slowly slow down until it was so slow that killing the X
server would cause it to hang mid-mode switch and my monitor would

>Oh, BTW, I assume your Sound Blaster problems have disappeared with the new
>drivers?  I can play, but the sound is scratchy.  Maybe it's the samples.
>I have not had luck recording at all.  My big problem is that I don't know
>which applications or methods to use when doing sound!  Does anyone know
>which apps are out there, or is catting /dev/audio the whole of the

I haven't dared to try the sound card.  I didn't want to find anything
else that didn't work. :-)

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