Subject: Re: NFS - RPC client credentials too weak
To: Matt Ragan <>
From: Irving Reid <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/13/1995 12:38:57
> Matthias Scheler wrote:
> >you wrote in <>:
> >> or to the Ultrix box to get it to authorize properly?
> >
> >Look for an option for the Ultrix "nfsd" (maybe "-d") to allow
> >mounts from user ports.
> >
> The 'better' way to do this is to use the '-o -P' option to 'mount',
> or the '-P' option to mount_nfs to force NetBSD to use a priveleged
> port.  Doing it the other way opens up security holes.

> Matt Ragan  (  Motorola/IBM Somerset PowerPC Design Center

A couple of people have sent this suggestion, but the problem is the 
other way around:  The NetBSD box is the _server_, and Ultrix is the 
client.  The automount daemon is running on Ultrix, talking to mountd 
on NetBSD.

A couple of other people have suggested that root may be in too many 
groups; again, this probably only matters if Ultrix is the server.  In 
any case, root is in eight or fewer groups on both machines.

 - irving -