Subject: Re: Help with >1024 cyl drive
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/13/1995 10:11:04
>Could someone shed light on what the geometry errors we are getting 
>indicate and how we might get arround it?

No, but I can tell you what I did.

I was getting different reports of disk geometry from different
programs, so I opened up the computer and read the plastic label on
the drive.  I then instructed the BIOS (which, when using auto-detect,
disagreed) what the disk geometry was.  Then, I used pfdisk to create
partitions.  The first thing I did with it was to tell it what the
geometry really was.  It said something about a symbolic mapping and
dealt with it.  Then I was able to specify all partitions in real
units instead of virtual ones.  NetBSD boots fine, and if memory
serves, it is the only program that has recognized the real disk
geometry from the beginning.


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