Subject: KerberosIV for non-US citizens
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/13/1995 01:15:56
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I've been spending some time lately getting basic KerberosIV to
compile cleanly on NetBSD-1.0 and NetBSD-current.  The results of
this can be found in

The kerberosIV.README file from that directory is attached below.
I have used the KerberosIV code from FreeBSD-2.0.5-RELEASE as the
base for my work, and as far as I am aware, it is legally
copyable outside the US.  Many thanks to Mark Murray who put
together the non-US version of the KerberosIV code for FreeBSD.

I should note that the code is only the basic KerberosIV server
plus it's support programs; in particular, there are no modified
applications or patches for applications included in this kit.
Furthermore there is no installation documentation -- I have used
the KerberosIV documentation from

in particular of some use is operation.PS (although not everything
matches up, e.g. this installation uses /etc/kerberosIV as it's
directory for the administration and configuration files instead of

I make this available basically so that others wishing to tinker
with this can do so without having to go through the same steps I
did first...

Have fun!

- H=E5vard

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	This tar file contains eBones.tar.gz from FreeBSD-2.0.5-RELEASE,
	a tar file containing additional libraries and commands used to
	build KerberosIV, a set of diffs applied to make the eBones code
	compile in one stage "out of the box" on NetBSD 1.0 and -current,
	a README file and an "unpack" shell script.

	This is a "raw dump" of /usr/src/kerberosIV on one of my development
	hosts after a "make clean" (but not "make cleandir", so preformatted
	man pages are included as well as some ~ files from emacs and obj
	directories).  This is mainly as a stopgap if you can't get the one
	above to work for you.

	is the md5 sums of the kerberosIV files in this directory signed
	with PGP.  My public key should be available from a key server near

Have fun!, 19950713