Subject: Mouse fries slowly and dies under X-3.1.1 in -current
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Administration <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/12/1995 13:54:20
Hi all,

First posting to the discussion list from me, so I'd just like to thank all
for the great system that NetBSD has become, and also for the comments
coming over the mailing lists.

Had great fun (!?!) upgrading to -current from the 1.0 distribution sets.
The -current sources are so far in front of the 1.0 stuff that I think it
might be time to make a minor version (at least one that stops that
NIGHTMARE!! - that one had me going for a few days until I saw the install
hints posted - thanks whoever!)

Since there have been a few changes since the last time the install script
was posted, I would be happy to compile a FAQ/HINTS on upgrading to -current
if you all think it is worth it.  Of course once you have done it, you don't
have the satisfaction of the whole thing crumbling around your ears any
more, so the doc would rely on people who have recently built -current to
keep me informed of any necessary changes.

But I digest...

Can anyone help me with any information that will enable me to get an MS
serial mouse to work consistently in XFree86 3.1.1u1 ??  This is what I have
done so far:

1.      Installed XFree86 with S3u1 server.
2.      Configured X to use Diamond Stealth SE (Trio32)
3.      Configured X to use MS Mouse on tty00
4.      set /etc/ttys entry to:
                ...getty std.1200" on softcar
5.      kill -HUP 1
6.      kill -TERM getty entry
7.      Run X (BOOM!) - no mouse
                time, effort and swearing deleted
8.      Get com.c 1.61 - 11/07/95 sup of all
9.      Rebuild kernel with new com.c (are there any others that use it?)
10.     Run X (BOOM!) - no mouse
        BTW, stray interrupt 7's now appearing with new kernel !!!??
11.     cat /dev/tty00 - after about 30 seconds or so I get stuff
12.     Try figgling with stty -crt; using local in /etc/ttys etc.
13.     Run X - OK for about 3 minutes or so
14.     The mouse starts behaving sporadically and dies.
15.     <CTRL>-<ALT>-<BS> and startx - no mouse **BUT**
16.     ditto and xdm -nodaemon and mouse is cool for another 5 mins or so

I am also getting getty exits due to excessive waiting on tty00.

Can anyone help me with directions to fix this?  Does it have something to
do with the receive buffer filling and choking?  Also X chowns the mouse
port to root.wheel and does not change it back to uucp - no worry to me, but

Also are there any other window managers around apart from twm?? Something a
little more Motif without the price tag?? :-)


Davyd Norris.