Subject: Re: MBone tools
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1995 22:38:22
>Has anyone compiled the various Mbone tools (toys?) for an i386 or other
>machine running -current?

A better question would be, "Does anyone _have_ the sources to the various
Mbone tools?" :-)

As far as I know, the only Mbone tool where the source is available is NV.
The latest rumors I've been hearing is that the LBL group is interested in
commercializing their MBONE apps, and don't want the sources floating around.
(Despite the fact that since it's government funded, the sources _should_
be available.  *sigh*)

Of course, that's only a rumor, as everyone from the LBL group is curiously
silent on the subject.

But getting back to a useful slant; it's my understanding that since
NetBSD/i386 can run BSDI binaries and NetBSD/sparc can run SunOS binaries,
you can use this emulation to run vat, sd, and friends.