Subject: Re: NFS v3 in NetBSD?
To: Rob Windsor <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1995 21:19:10
> After a small discussion on irc, I decided to peek around in the NFS code
> to see if v3 was included, but I couldn't find anything that stood out
> and told me "Yes, this is v3".
> I was told in the past (at a NFS v3 seminar) that someone wrote v3 code for
> 4.4BSD_Lite, and I assumed that it was in the -Lite distribution, and
> I further assumed that it was incorporated in NetBSD.

"written for Lite" in that case more means "written to run on Lite",
rather than "written to go into Lite" -- the code of which you speak,
Rick Macklem's NFSv3 implementation, wasn't in Lite.

I forget at what FTP site the code lives; if you grep through the
current-users mailing list archive, you're sure to find it, though.

I've looked at making it go under NetBSD, but that first involves
making it 64-bit safe, and i've not yet had time to do that.