Subject: Re: ISDN
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/1995 13:22:40
>> Is there any sort of standard interface for ISDN?  Such an interface would
>> permit:
>> - processes to set up/tear down calls
>Sun has an API that they use in their ISDN product. Stealing it might
>not be such a bad idea.

FWIW, the last time I played with ISDN equipment it had a Hayes-compatible
AT-style command interface.  You said "ATD5551212" and it dialed that number.
This was for an ISDN "modem".  (but of course, they didn't call it a modem -
they called it a "network adapter" *sigh*).

>> - routing of network protocols (e.g. inet) over ISDN
>Well, routing IP over ISDN is more a question of standards than
>APIs. I believe there is a standard for this now, although I haven't
>checked the RFCs lately.

Perhaps we're talking about different things, but how exactly could you "route"
over ISDN?  The ISDN service I've seen is just a bitstream from point A to
point B.  We ran PPP over ISDN when I used it, but you could as well use SLIP
or any other point-to-point protocol.