Subject: Re: Slow output from 'ps'
To: None <>
From: Dave Leonard <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/1995 12:04:19
> writes:
> >I generaly like getting away from any use of the old (crufty)
> >trick of opening /dev/kmem or /dev/mem and snooping around.
> >The /proc fs alternative seems nice an clean by comparison.
> writes:
> >I'd rather avoid the bloat in the kernel, and also make users of ps
> >'pay' directly for the I/O's they incur.
> So how about a new separate version of ps for those who want to use
> /proc? This would add bloat to the distribution but I suppose it's
> better than adding mandatory bloat to the kernel.

I liked the idea of ps "auto-sensing" /proc and using that if present.
I dont understand the background of speed and i/o with ps, but at least
the same ps binary would be able to read the /proc of various kernels.

Kesteloot's "procps" was made available for the macbsd people for this reason.

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