Subject: Re: Compiling gdb 4.14
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Thorsten Lockert <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/01/1995 18:44:53
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>    Agreed.  But you still need PT_{READ,WRITE}_U to deal with signal
>    handlers and stuff, no?
> In a word: Huh?

Well, I never said I was an expert... :)

> The old PT_READ_U and PT_WRITE_U certainly didn't do this, and there's
> no code in GDB to support it that I'm aware of.  Furthermore, this
> information is *not* kept in struct user; it's kept in another
> per-process structure that hangs off struct proc.

Oops.  Should have read it a bit more carefully, that way I, too, would see
that proc has a p_sigacts pointing into user's u_sigacts...

> The debugger always get a SIGCHLD telling it that the child got a
> signal, and has the option of passing through the signal when it does
> a PT_CONTINUE, PT_KILL, or PT_DETACH, or of simply ignoring it.

Right.  Time for another iteration over my copy of the ups sources...


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