Subject: Re: savecore/etc
To: JR Bob Dobbs <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/1995 20:23:58
> My system blew up today as I was attempting to get a printer working.
> Trap, Panic, Dump and on reboot for the first time ever, savecore actually
> saved me an 8meg core file.  

I was wondering when somebody was goign to notice this.  (Hopefully
you have 8M of RAM...  8-)

> Now what the hell do I do with this if I'm interested in finding out exactly
> what blew up?  Use gdb on the saved kernel image and core?

I'm not sure if our gdb supports 'gdb -k' -- i doubt it though.

therefore, anything you do will be hack-ish, but That's O.K.  8-)

strings netbsd.core.# | tail -20
should get you the panic string.

you can also run 'ps' and a few other core-snooping programs on it.

if you want to see what the current process was, it should be about a
3-minute hack with libkvm calls, to do so...

the real solution, of course, is to make gdb understand kernel cores.
Somebody (i'll let him announce himself if he likes) has looked into
this, and, last i saw, there was a gdb on that did
it (for an old version of 4.4BSD and/or BSDI, though).