Subject: Re: does anyone have X11R6 binaries for NetBSD/sparc -current
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/27/1995 10:33:01
   It's working OK, great in fact!  The daily security check sends a shell
   into an endless loop, and there are still some minor install problems
   from the source tree, such as no files in src/share/doc/usd/04.csh,
   which caused the 'make install' to bomb out....  Other than that, it
   managed to re-compile and re-install itself on local disk using an NFS
   mounted /usr/src!  It seems quite a bit faster than SunOS-4.1.3 did,
   even though I'm still running on only one disk spindle.

i think it is (now) faster than sunos for sure.  1.0 wasn't, though.
   Anyway, I'm about to port X11R6 to this machine unless someone else has
   already done so and would be kind enough to put up a gzip'ed tar copy of
   their /usr/X11R6 tree for me to FTP (or point me to some current

there is a broken tar.gz on, so, avoid that.  jason
thorpe is going to update it with a new one RSN, right, jason ?  :-)
(i would, but i'm on a really really slow link, and the diskspace is
a problem at this point of time).

there is also a 4k or so patch file along side the tar.gz i made that
applies to R6pl11, but is missing the xdm patch (setlogin()), which
you could use to build it yourself.