Subject: Re: NFS over SLIP == boom
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Joao Carlos Mendes Luis <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/1995 16:49:06
Hi All,

> >Is anyone else dumb enough to run NFS over SLIP?  Any luck?
> Ouch!  That sounds painful.  It could take years to build something on
> the other end over a 28.8k NFS mount.

  Long, long time ago, when our campus first connected to the Internet,
I've setup a NFS connection with wuarchive through a 2400 bps Modem.
The operating system was 386BSD 0.1 connected to ethernet, and the
router was a KA9Q, linking the lab. to the computer science department.
I cannot say it was a good connection, but surely was amazing, since
we had nothing before that.  :)


Joao Carlos Mendes Luis
+55 21 290-4698 ( Job )
Network Manager				UFRJ/COPPE/CISI
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro