Subject: Re: Future of NetBSD??
To: Dave Cornejo <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/1995 10:01:47
> The average NetBSD user, I think, is a person who cares more about
> the design of the OS than in using it.  A NetBSD user is the guy who
> buys a car and spends his time and money under the hood, instead of
> the chrome wheels, tinting, neon, teensy tires, and a really boomin'
> stereo system.

And wants to see the thing run and run and run and run... I like
reliable OS'es and some of the NetBSD snapshots are the only ones
I have seen last long enough. SunOS 4.1.4 with one patch does quite
well for us too. 100 day up times for intensly used systems is a
great benefit.

Also, buying hardware to suit the OS rather than finding the OS to
suit your hardware make for more stable systems. I *know* what is
going to work with NetBSD.

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